Spending Choices

Value Based Budgeting

In the quest for financial freedom and stability, value-based budgeting emerges as a transformative approach. By aligning spending habits with personal values and priorities, individuals can make intentional and informed financial decisions. Value-based budgeting bridges the gap between money and personal beliefs, creating a stronger connection between financial choices and what truly matters. In this

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Abundance mindset

Abundance mindset meaning This is the best “mindset lens” that people look through, and positively influences their view of life or the world in general. The basic concept is that there is enough resources and opportunities to go around. Enough of everything for everyone! Don’t see others as competitors for your share. We are all collaborators

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We made better money decisions

Mindful spending choices you can make Let’s explore how my husband and I  made better money decisions to positively impact our financial health. There is something impactful when you are able to share a personal experience.  We acknowledge that everyone’s circumstances are different, however the following steps are intended to be an insight into the

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Tracking your spending

Track your expenses People want control over their own personal financial situation Tracking your spending plays an important part of the decision making process involved. Is this a new idea for you? Well, learning new ways to think about and control money, is an important change to your money behaviour.   Knowing and understanding where your

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